artistic photo imaging - Perth, Western Australia

Photography - High End Digital

API ( Artistic Photo Imaging (TM) ) offers a range of professional photographic services.

The main areas are: photographic finishing and high end compositing for prepress and high definition film work.

Services include:

Medium Format Film Compositing, High End Digital Compositing, Digital Imaging / Photo Finishing

API's Precision Deep Etching if required, included for images, utilising improved photo editing software with infinite zoomable capabilities for fine deep etching of large projects.

Photographic and 3D Imaging system, to streamline photographic editing requirements and produce fast image editing such as deep etching, rotoscoping, compositions using multiple masking, image restorations and enhancements.

API services include photographic digital imaging, photography, graphic design and HD 4k film editing. API also provides professional Aerial Drone Photography and 360ยบ VR Photography ( Virtual Reality )

Artistic Photography provides a range of Professional Photography Services.

artistic photo imaging