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Advertising in any medium is an an integral part in the marketing and promotion of any company. But the correct way to advertise is important. Having a high degree of marketing experience API can make recommendations from the design of the Ad to the best way to advertise cost effectively.

API has produced eye catching Advertisements for a number of company's in a variety of mediums such as press and online. Also realising the consumer experience when developing online or print advertising for a website or magazine, so the Ad does not effect the viewers experience when viewing the website, application or other media. Just like professional Ad positioning and placement in print media.

Artistic Photo Imaging / APIinteractive can assist in the design and marketing aspects of your advertising needs and have created highly successful ads and promotional material.

Advertising artwork API has created include:

Magazine Advertising, Press Advertisements, Posters and Billboards, Cinema, Broadcast & New Media, Online website and app advertising

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