API interactive

Australian, Perth based firm API interactive established in 1995, is at the forefront in designing and developing internet applications. Developing websites, Apps and sophisticated applications for small to medium size business and large scale corporate database driven applications.

API interactive designs and develops fully Responsive HTML websites, Javascript applications, PHP Database Driven applications, APPs, Multimedia including Shopping Cart sites with the professional photography of products for marketing and promotional materials such as brochures.

API interactive also provides professional SEO and professional marketing and provides extensive graphic design services.


Professional Photography

Artistic Photography
Artistic Photography Logo
Artistic Photograpy Images

Professional DRONE Photography

Drone Photography
Artistic Photography Panorama

Professional Photographer receiving over 16 Awards for Photography and Design.

Artistic Photography provides professional photography in architectural, landscape, aerial, corporate, product, industrial, fashion, portraiture and sports photography, using high end photographic technologies. Including still photography - Artistic Photography can also provide professional filming and video editing of a photographic project. Providing two complete media options with a high degree of experience in each medium.

For aerial photography, Artistic Photography now also provides the option for professional Drone Photography. API also provides 360º VR Photography. With over 20 years experience in digital imaging including deep etching, retouching and composition work, Artistic Photo Imaging continues to provide these additional service with many digital layout graphic design work and professional photography appearing in magazines.

APIinteractive uses several Drones for client projects. API's Drones are programmed and also use telemetry which makes the drone more reliable.  APIinteractive through Artistic Photography also has a Water Proof Drone that can launch directly from the water, the ocean or fly in rain or stormy conditions. APIinteractive is highly professional when commercially flying drones and follows all required guidelines and generally fly in quick flight modes to complete professional photographic projects. Artistic Photography (TM) also uses Drones for Landscape Photography and Virtual Reality 360 (VR) work.

Artistic Photography has also provided assistance to filmmakers and photographers in location photography having a diverse knowledge of perfect photographic locations around Australia, having had the experience of creating wonderful photographic landscapes in some of these idyllic picturesque locations. Also working alongside Advertising Agencies, Film Makers and Fashion companies during photographic projects throughout its 30+ years of professional experience.

360 Degree Camera - Standard Format Editing & Compositing

360 Degree Compositing


Artistic Photo Imaging provides a range of professional DIGITAL IMAGING services.

These services include, deep etching, photo enhancement, film compositing, high end image scanning, 360 degree digital video editing, motion graphics, rotoscoping, scene visual tracking and morphing in video editing, including photo merging with digital video.

API also provides digital video production services with the same onsite photographic project as well as DRONE photography. 


PRE PRESS and Design

API interactive / Artistic Photo Imaging has extensive experience in the field of Graphic Design and has designed high quality work for a large number of organisations including corporate logos and trademark id, store front billboards and posters, brochures and books, film titles and video motion graphics, multimedia, business stationery and online media such as websites and apps. API uses the latest design tools and software and has fast turn around times with full liaison with the selected printer. API's creative work can be seen in magazines, brochures, posters, etc throughout Australia and internationally. .

Artistic Photo Imaging

Game Design & Development

Adventure Roo Kangaroo and AdventureRoo Free are adventure type games available from various App stores with easy fluid game controls. AdventureRoo is a challenging game with lots of great features. Adventure Roo is a unique game app with Australian landscapes and wildlife from Australia. The more Adventure Roo is played the easier it is to get through all the levels. It is also a great memory enhancer. A game that is regularly updated and evolving. Each game element including landscape compositions are all hand painted and drawn by award winning artists.

Showing great creative app development achievement for our very first game which is now starting to receiving lots of encouraging positive reviews.

APIinteractive has launched three Game Apps and is currently developing several more titles for mobile phones, tablets and other devices. With a strong background in 3D Animation and Web Animation, APIinteractive has the technical expertise to develop Apps and is currently a developer for a number of computer platforms.

APIinteractive uses various tools in the development of games and multimedia including a number of different frameworks, Photo Editing, 2D and 3D Software, Illustration tools along with traditional sketching, drawing and fine art compositing.

Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

APIinteractive is currently researching and working on projects and applications that incorporate the latest in technologies. These range from advance web applications, 360º Virtual Reality experiences to the development of certain apps in game development.

Artificial Intelligence

Swisho Basketball (TM) game APP is APIinteractive's first project in the research into and the understanding of Artificial Intelligence, and is an ongoing project. The game uses techniques, common in game development using a combination of gravity, speed, direction and object detection by using a number of direction systems around the basketball hoop and within the basketball. The game although looks 3D it is entirely made in 2D and the reason for developing it in 2D was to create a simulated AI that is more difficult to create using 2D with features within the game that can be expanded on. The game is developed using a popular game development tool with very basic code functions. It would have been very easily done in 3D as the objects would have been solid 3D objects and the calculations would have been easier, however creating the game in 2D is a challenge and the results have been surprising and have also been in some instances quite amazing. Although the Swisho Basketball Game App is quite basic at this stage, APIinteractive is expanding the game and will add new features in the future.

Swisho Basketball - Research into AI Artificial Intelligence

PROFESSIONAL Graphic Design and Pre Press


API also provides professional graphic design services. 

For online print, Artistic Photo Imaging can also provide output to PDF or E-Books. These can also be provided after a professional print project so the same promotional material can be used online or linked from a website that has been designed

Brochure Design

Creating brochures, business stationery, posters, packaging and advertising. API provides pre-press for colour matching for print proofing, working with a vast range of printing companies or calibration for in-house company printing of promotional material.

Highly Experienced in all areas of Pre-Press

Artistic Photo Imaging has a high level of experience in Pre-Press Design with over 25 years experience in designing brochures ready for printing. API is even is on standby for highly important colour matching results and can even attend the first print from the printer to confirm colour matching within minutes prior to final printing ensuring the results are as expected, such as when a solid colour is specifically required or the logo has varnished, tinted or incorporates embedded details. We also match Printing Swatch cards for specific colours.

High End Digital Photography

API also provides all the professional photography for the required brochure, including deep etching of final image selections through its unique quick etching system. But not only brochures, Artistic Photo Imaging also creates artwork and photography for magazine, cinema and large billboard posters. 

Creative Fine Art Paintings

Fine Art Paintings and Photography
by Karl Ernhardt

Professional photographer and graphic designer with over 25 years experience receiving over 16 awards for photography and design.

"I have been painting professionally for the last 8 years mainly in acrylics. My paintings are abstract landscapes and I have exhibited my paintings in a range of exhibitions. I started as a landscape photographer in my earlier art career and this has helped me with understanding depth of field and lighting when painting. My photography has received many awards in various exhibitions throughout Australia. I really enjoy landscape photography and painting in acrylics and I have developed a style and technique that I am happy with when painting" -
Karl Ernhardt

fine artist karl ernhardt

With the Paintings created, I generally use a Brush Twirling Flow Technique to create a sense of Motion in my landscape Paintings.
I use this technique I have mastered in most of my abstract paintings.

Most of my Paintings are Vivid in Colour and I get my inspiration to paint from Ocean surfing and WIndsurfing

Being emersed in an ocean environment while waiting for that perfect wave , gives you time to think and reflect on your creativity for new design projects

Wave Surfing

Surfing and Windsurfing is my sporting passion and in my free time outside of a hectic work schedule, I will always find time to fit in a surf or windsurfing session.
The photos above are of me enjoying these great sports. My greatest ever surfing session was at Cloud Break in Fiji, epic waves and great for windsurfing.


APIinteractive is a unique design firm that can provide a multitude of professional services in todays digital world. API has been established since 1995 and provides services to a number of industry sectors including Small Business in the retail and manufacturing industry, Advertising Agencies, Departments. APIintearctive also provides consultancy services having extensive knowledge in Web Development, the Internet, Graphic Design, Animation and Professional Photography.

Our prices are very competitive with a basic brochure style website starting at very affordable pricing and with APIinteractive always at the forefront of new technologies we are ready to upgrade your existing outdated website. Did you know the latest technology in Web Development is Grid Based Design? This is a technology we are already incorporating in current design projects. API also offers comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation services and can offer recommendations on marketing on various Search Engine's & Social Media Applications.

API can also offer training for companies to engage in their own online marketing. Our online marketing services and online training pricing is very affordable.

Why use stock photography, when you could have creative & unique professional photography done by API and tailored to a uniquely developed Website, Mobile or Tablet APP, 360 Degree VR or Billboard Poster which can also be used for Printed Brochures and incorporated in a Website developed by APIinteractive.

Our professional photography prices are very reasonable and competitively priced. API may even already have a required professional image for a brochure or website it's developing or designing, taken already for its photography collection and own comprehensive library of high quality and high resolution photos. API also has an onsite studio to photograph your products with fast turnaround times. We work with a number of large manufacturers and go directly to them to take the photos needed for their promotional material. How convenient is that.

Artistic Photo Imaging designs Brochure's, Posters, Advertising for print material. API has also created Logo's and Trademark IP for large companies.

At API you wont just get one design for a Logo or Corporate ID and be told its a great design and that is what you have to have. At API we work with the customer when a new Logo or Corporate ID is designed by us. It will start from concept from a Solid Colour, to RGB and CMYK with quite a number of design options to choose from.

Once the favorite logo or corporate ID is picked from the designs created with the help from our marketing experience, it will then be fine tuned, perfected and ready for Trade Marking, Copyrighting and Printing. We have designed some of the most successful logos in Australia.